More TOP Escorts in London

Thank you for your feedback from last week and although it is awkward to I am happy that we all have the same great opinion about the London Escorts. Since my last suggestion managed to catch everyone’s attention and curiosity, I decided to create an overall review for each escort from that agency.

So with the approval and support of Ma’Lovee Escorts, I booked for the next 6 months, 1 different escort from their team of models per week. Yes, I am doing this for al my readers, however at the same time this became a real dream, and my excitement has reached unseen levels since I decided to do this.

For this week I have the pleasure to share with everyone that her name is Ella, and ooh boy! Have I ever had such a crazy and intense experience, the 6 hour event that I booked as a gold member, check their events for members, have marked me for life, and yes in an extremely positive way!! 🙂

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