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Thank you again for the support and aproval Ma’Lovee Escorts, since I booked for the next 6 months, 1 different escort from their team of models per week this week I wanted to share with you my experience with the lovely Keyla, what a stunning presence she was, i was impressed from toes to last hair I have. And I am not exaggerating, I actually […]

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More TOP Escorts in London

Thank you for your feedback from last week and although it is awkward to I am happy that we all have the same great opinion about the London Escorts. Since my last suggestion managed to catch everyone’s attention and curiosity, I decided to create an overall review for each escort from that agency. So with the approval and support of Ma’Lovee Escorts, I booked for […]

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TOP Escorts in London

While I was living in London I loved going out, and mostly I was visiting downtown pubs and bars, and sometimes clubs. This is how I got to know a lot of people from time to time and also met a lot of ladies. Many of them seemed to be alone however after getting a couple of drinks together I found out a lot more […]

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Safe Booking Escorts in London

OK, lets talk about safety little bit. Since we living in a very advanced world, it makes perfect sence to do your shopping online, sell your stuff online and even dating online. It is the same thing with online booking of an escort service. Through legit site with verified phone numbers and mail adresses, as well as our girls which are 100% legitt and 100% […]

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