Do you like clubbing or a chill night at home?

It’s well known that we all need our safe space and warm house to stay in after a long day at work and just grab dinner with someone special in our safe home.

Some of us are not like that, we always need action. 

We need to put our blood in a keep always and to live every single dam night like is going to be the last one.

To meet new people, to interact with a woman or with a man, we always need someone around us to keep us company.

The couch is not enough for you?

You’re that energetic person who is always in the mood for more, for more fun, more sex, and even more than just a walk by the river.

You have a lot of energy that never ends; it’s like a carousel that never stops turning.

Your life is like that, so you always need people around you, but sometimes the other part doesn’t want to go out.

Not everyone is having the same energy as you do, and sadly, you have to understand that.

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